Master Tony Williams
8th Dan, Vice President

Master Tony Williams Shichidan (8th Degree Black Belt) began training in Isshin-ryu Karate in 1976. Master Williams was 5 years old when he first entered the Shaffer's Team Nashville dojo with his father.  Father and son both came up through the ranks at this highly physical and competitive dojo under the instruction of Phil McElroy, Jim McDonald, Jimbo Butler, Dave Gabbard, Butch Hill, Roy Vaughn, Trice Fasiq, Vince Hicks, and many other great instructors.  This Nashville dojo was renowned for its high level of fighting skill, warrior spirit, and competitiveness.  Master Williams competed in a lot of tournaments with Team Nashville and the combination of excellent instruction along with frequent high level competition at an early age, developed him into a superb fighter at an early age.  Master Williams was promoted to Sho-dan in 1982 by Master Phil McElroy. 


Master William's long and active fighting career has led to more first place wins than can be listed in this profile. His fighting spirit and courage earned him the nickname of "Killer" by Grandmaster Harold Long. Master Williams has competed in karate tournaments, both Isshin-ryu and open tournaments for over 40 years.


• In 1992, Tony won his first kumite Grand Championship in Windsor, Canada

  at Albert Mady's Championship Tournament.  

• In 1995,1996, 1998, 2005, Master Williams won the  Isshin-ryu Hall Of Fame

  Kumite Grand Championships. 

• In 2005, 2006, and 2007 Master Williams traveled and competed on the IIKA

  competition team, which won the Don Nagel World Open Karate

  Championship in Team Fighting.

• In 2005 Master Williams was the Isshin-ryu Hall of Fame Male Instructor of

  the Year.

• In 2007 Master Williams won the Harold Long Memorial Grand

  Championship in continuous fighting.

• In May 1998 Master Williams was awarded the Pioneer and Legends Hall of

  Fame Council, International Competitor of the Year. 


Master Williams continues to compete in both Isshin-ryu and Open Tournaments across the nation and continues to win in Kumite and Continuous Sparring. Master Williams has spent over 40 years learning, competing, teaching, and promoting Isshin-ryu throughout the southeast


Master Williams currently operates the Lebanon Dojo at 108 Webster Street, Lebanon, Tennessee. The Lebanon Dojo was opened in 1996 and is a school for fighters where fighting is taught, and fighters are made. The Lebanon Dojo offers a well-rounded approach to Martial Arts and self defense training.  Students learn respect, honesty, and perseverance through fun yet practical training.  

The Lebanon Dojo's fundamental style is Okinawan Isshin-ryu karate, which is a classic/traditional style of karate with hard hitting functional and efficient techniques for real world situations. The Lebanon Dojo also specializes in Ju-Jitsu and Kobudo (weaponry). If you are a parent looking to build your child's self-esteem, confidence, physical fitness, and integrity, The Lebanon Dojo is your best choice. If you are an adult looking to get into the best physical shape of your life, learn to protect yourself as well as build self-confidence, then look no further.  New students, all ages both young and old, and all levels of fitness are welcome and can quickly benefit from the training.Classes include instruction in traditional karate including the empty hand kata and weapons kata, along with kumite, self-defense, knife fighting and defense, firearms training, and ground fighting.  Beginners and experienced martial artists, young and old, men and women are welcome.  The Lebanon Dojo can be reached at (615) 476-4339.


In 2013, Tony was promoted to the rank of Nana-Dan (7th Degree Black Belt).