Submission Request To The I.I.K.A. Photo Gallery And Archive

This gallery is meant to be a visual historic record of Isshin-ryu, and to make available a way for Isshin-ryu enthusiasts to share photos, clippings, articles,documents, and memories with the rest of the Isshin-ryu community.  In many cases, only one copy of something may exist so capturing it now is a good way to ensure it doesn’t get lost forever.


Generally, we are looking for older (20+ years) or historically significant contributions. If you have something you think qualifies, simply fill in as much of the information as you can in the fields below. It’s not a requirement for you to fill in every field, but the more information you can provide, the easier it will be for website visitors to find your donation.


For items that include photos of or references to people, enter the names of up to 10 people, with the name of one person in each field.


Keywords are a way to distinguish your item from others in a search.  If you add keywords, try to be specific or unique.  Avoid common terms like “Isshin-ryu” and “karate”. For Keywords, enter up to 10 keywords or terms in each field.


After you have completed the fields, then click on the “Submit Request” button to complete the submission.

*Asterisks denote required fields

Thank you for your submission. After the contents and information have been verified, the Archive Moderator will be in contact with you to confirm your listing. Please allow 2-3 weeks to complete this process.
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