IIKA Kobudo Instructor Certification Program Overview

The purpose of this program has multiple layers, but the primary one is to insure that IIKA members who are interested in learning the kobudo kata of our system, but do not have the access to do so, would have the opportunity to learn from a certified, organizational instructor.

We felt that the best way to achieve this goal is to:

  1. Conduct reviews
  2. Find those instructors who are the most proficient
  3. Certify them with organizational recognition
  4. Make them available for our membership to seek out and learn from
  5. Provide continuing education to allow them to grow and pass on their knowledge to future generations.

If any IIKA member does not know the weapons (or would like to learn a particular kata), they can contact one of our certified instructors and they will be happy to arrange to help them.

There is no cost for this program other than the basic IIKA membership.

The program works as follows:

  1. Initial Reviews (Open to all IIKA members brown belt and above. Non-IIKA members are invited to attend two seminars. After that, IIKA membership is required. Spectators are welcome.) First-look reviews and instructional seminars are given for each kata. Upon completion of each individual kata, participants receive a certificate of completion. (This simply means that the kata has been reviewed and that the participant is able to perform the kata, through to completion, with reasonable proficiency. Instruction on proper mechanics, target placement and bunkai for key movements is given. Each person is expected to work on the material.)
  2. General Reviews (Invitational Only. Open to instructor candidates and Certified IIKA Kobudo Instructors.)
  • First General Review. This is an evaluation over the first three weapons kata: Tokumine-no-kun, Kusanku-sai and Tui-fa (Ton-fa).
  • Second General Review. This is an evaluation over the next three kata: Urashi-no-kun, Chatan Yara-no-sai and Shi Shi-no-kun-no dai.
  • Third General Review (Final evaluation). This evaluation includes all of the weapons kata of the system including the bo/bo and bo/sai kumite drills. (Note: Additional instructors may be invited to sit on the testing board.)

Instructor Certification is awarded upon completion of the entirety of the program and the Third General Review, and is recognized by the IIKA Board of Directors.

Instructor Certification allows the instructor to conduct Initial Reviews, private instruction and/or kobudo seminars on their own. Certified Instructors may award Initial Review certificates that count toward General Review participation and ultimately, Instructor Certification.

William Scott Shamblin, Ku-Dan
Board member, IIKA