I.I.K.A. National Championships & Awards Banquet

The International Isshin-ryu Karate Association Board of Directors is proud to welcome you to the Annual I.I.K.A. National Championships & Awards Banquet".

Originally established in 1975 by the late Grand Master Harold Long as the premier Martial Arts Event in the nation, our pledge is to make this an event to remember.

Throughout the years "The Nationals" progressed into the "Isshin-ryu Hall Of Fame Event" that has continued to be held each year in Tennessee. 

Our goal is to return to the original I.I.K.A. format and re-establish the Nationals as a premier I.I.K.A. event of the year.

This event will allow the continuance of the Harold Long Legacy and also allow for Isshin-ryu Karate Karate-Ka to compete and to be recognized for their efforts and accomplishments in Isshin-ryu Karate.

The Tournament highlights great competition in Kumite, Empty hand Kata, Weapons, Team Kata an Team Fighting.

The evening Banquet is our annual recognition of all I.I.K.A. members for their great accomplishments during the year.

Please visit  the I.I.K.A. Nationals for more information.