IIKA Membership

In 1973, Master Harold Long traveled to Okinawa with a group of Isshin‑ryu practitioners to meet with Master Shimabuku and discuss starting a new Isshin‑ryu karate organization based in the United States. In December 1974, the new organization became the International Isshin‑ryu karate Association. The original intent of the IIKA was to unite all of Isshin‑ryu. However, the IIKA reorganized and realigned in 1975 and has since continued to fulfill its more practical mission of promoting good Isshin‑ryu through seminars, competition and other events. Today, the IIKA serves its members by providing respected rank certification and supports the growth and enhancement of the Isshin‑ryu community.

The IIKA recognizes that its members are the core of its foundation and is pleased to offer annual memberships for Isshin‑ryu dojos and annual individual memberships for Dan ranks. The benefits of an IIKA membership offer a tremendous value for Isshin‑ryu practitioners, unparalleled within the Isshin‑ryu community. Members will receive access to world-class instruction at seminars and the expert guidance and support of the IIKA for Isshin‑ryu activities. The IIKA Board of Directors is committed to visiting and interacting with its member dojos throughout the year. All members will also receive access to the IIKA newsletter and will receive a shoulder patch and membership card. Member dojos will receive a beautiful dojo certificate for display. The IIKA also provides instructor certification and Kobudo instruction and certification classes on a regular basis.

The IIKA is here to provide you with the support and tools to help make your Isshin‑ryu instruction and training the best possible experience. Our cost friendly membership provides an incredible value at $25 per chief instructor (includes dojo fee), $20 per Dan rank and $10 per Kyu rank. Memberships are offered and renewed on an annual basis.

New and current members, please contact BUDNARA@BELLSOUTH.NET for further assistance, or to register for membership today.