Common Sense: 10 Things You Need to Know To Avoid A Fight

By Master William Scott Shamblin

At its core, Isshinryu Karate is about self-defense. The ability to defend one’s self effectively requires diligent training. It is equally important to remember that the best fight is the one that never happens. Common sense goes a long way in avoiding conflict whenever possible. Here are ten simple and easy to remember guides for your consideration.


    1. Don’t go to places where you don’t belong.

    2. Never show off or brag about knowing karate.  That just makes you look foolish, invites attack and disgraces your art.

    3. If you act like a tough guy / girl, someone will eventually “clean your plough.”

    4. There is ALWAYS someone out there who is tougher than you are.

    5. Do ANYTHING you can to avoid a fight.  When people fight, people get hurt.

    6. Walk away from insults - Refuse to argue - Don’t “smart off” to anyone - Don’t talk too much. 

    7. There is NOTHING anyone can say that is worth fighting over.

    8. Control your temper. If you react out of anger, you will regret it.

    9. Never “warn” a person that you know karate.  That is foolish; you will only give away your element of surprise.

   10. If you have to defend yourself, keep it simple.  Real life is not like the movies.  If you try to get fancy, you WILL get hurt.

   11. Your primary objective is to go home safe.