“Teach good solid Isshin-ryu Karate as it was designed to be taught. That would be everyone’s greatest contribution to keep Isshin-ryu strong and growing.”

– Grand Master Harold Long

International Isshin‑ryu Karate Association

Welcome to the website of the International Isshin‑ryu Karate Association. It is our goal to be a comprehensive resource for all practitioners of Isshin‑ryu. Here, you will find insight into the IIKA and its operation along with information pertaining to the world of Isshin‑ryu: history, notable practitioners, significant influences, philosophy, kata, kobudo, and other unique aspects. We strive to provide information and training ideas for our IIKA membership through our Newsletters, Articles, Dojo Directory, Calendar of Events, and Photo Archives. Our goal is to be a helpful resource for everyone, regardless of experience, belt level or affiliation. This site is designed with you, the Isshin‑ryu practitioner in mind, and we welcome your input.

Thank you for being our guest, and please check back often for new material. We look forward to your return.

JC Burris, Chairman, IIKA Board of Directors

J.C. Burris

J.C. Burris

Board Chairman, IIKA

Scott Shamblin

Scott Shamblin

President, IIKA

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Get your next Isshin‑ryu event added to the official IIKA calendar! If you have an upcoming event you would like to post, please keep these guidelines in mind:

• Listings will not be limited to Isshin‑ryu only events but Isshin‑ryu must be the major part of the content.
• Listings will not be limited to only tournaments. Any significant Isshin‑ryu event will be considered for inclusion.
• Regularly recurring events (such as weekly class schedules) will not be listed.
• IIKA reserves the right to remove a listing at any time, for any reason, without explanation or notification.





Workshops, Seminars, and More

The IIKA has an established record of conducting workshops and seminars, holding formal reviews, and awarding skill level certifications – all at little to no cost to Isshin‑ryu practitioners. Workshops and seminars include events concentrating on Isshin‑ryu empty-hand kata, bunkai, kobudo, fighting techniques, and tournament preparation. Reviews and certifications include the IIKA Certified Instructor certificate, the formal IIKA roku-dan review for obtaining an IIKA roku-dan rank certificate, and the rigorous IIKA kobudo instructor certification program. Other activities include the IIKA annual meeting, Ladies of Isshin‑ryu support to the Isshin‑ryu Hall of Fame, IIKA Newsletter, and quarterly guest articles by well-known master Isshin‑ryu karate-ka from across the Isshin‑ryu community.